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Our mission is bringing reality to your dreams by being an affordable all inclusive company dedicated toward helping individuals, businesses, and ideas find their “yes” into success within any field of interest through consulting, marketing and development.


Projects: The first round of ADR has concluded with Marc Chouen on the first "The Monologue Chronicles" episode.

Company News: BBR PRODUCTIONS (IMDb score) 4,638 & oh DEER! Productions (IMDb score) 11,105

Testimonials added: Roger Skai and Erica LaRose give us a magnificent testimonial.

Company News: BBR PRODUCTIONS (IMDb score) 13,588 & oh DEER! Productions (IMDb score) 17,388

Testimonials added: Gabi Faye gives a wonderful testimonial.

Testimonials added: Kenny Murdock sent us a really nice testimonial.

BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions BBR Productions

BBR Productions inc

BBR Productions Inc. is a consulting, marketing, and development company where our mission is bringing reality to your dreams by being an affordable all-inclusive company dedicated toward helping individuals, businesses, and ideas find their “yes” into success within any field of interest through consulting, marketing and development.

First opening our services to the public in 1997 as an illustration company. Working on dark novels, commissioned artworks, and storyboarding for comic books. By the year 2000 BBR Production Inc jumped into branding bands to help market to audiences.

This lead to producing concerts, advertising, and handling PR/Publicist responsibilities for our clients. During 2007, our company began helping causes. Organizing Fundraisers to secure capital, and awareness, for Multiple Sclerosis and all forms of Cancer. These shows ranged from Stand-up Comedy Events, Musical Concerts, and even Theatrical Plays.

For two years from 2012 till 2014, our company opened up 'The Rose Theater' in Holbrook, NY. It was a partnered venture to give individuals interested in entertainment a chance to hear 'YES'! Yes, you can utilize our space. It was a dream come true to allow first-time Actors / Writers / Directors / Crew / Comedians / Colleges Students to have a place to try and fail to success!

Around this time our company opened a subsidiary company 'oh DEER! Productions'. The idea is to produce content for Web, Television / Netflix, and Cinematic avenues. With a few projects in our vault; 'The Super Hero Villain', 'All in the Course', 'Top of the Bottom Pile Interview series', and now in current production 'The Circle'; oh DEER! Productions and BBR Productions Inc. are making efforts to bring on more projects!

Our team works together with clients organizing their average monthly overhead to determine a strong capital foundation. This helps satisfy the first year to success and assists in building wealth to generate longevity to earn a living doing what they love because they want to, not because they have to.

BBR Productions Inc.

BBR Productions Inc.

Since 2007 BBR Productions Inc. has made it our mission to help those less fortunate, searching for a cure, and people aspiring to bring their dreams to a reality.

Laughter is the Cure is a foundation that was started to help those with Multiple Sclerosis, and those battling Cancer. All donations get divided into a few well-known associations. Please feel free to go to these foundations and donate directly to them. Cancel us out as the middleman. The faster they get funding, the sooner we'll see a cure. Peace in harmony 'Multiple Sclerosis Foundation', 'Susan G. Komen for the Cure', 'American Cancer Society'

Team Rise Together is a gathering of volunteers coming together to work on multimedia projects for free. These actors, writers, directors, and crew all work together on projects we believe in. The endgame is to make original works and shop them around for bigger opportunities where we all benefit. The team that works together, grows together, and will rise together!

BBR Productions inc

BBR Productions Inc
Roger Skai (Comedian / Crew) Thomas offers a unique perspective on how to do business in the modern world. With interesting ideas about networking and marketing... (more)

Erica LaRose (Actress) Thomas J. Bellezza has a straightforward, organized, and un-intimidating approach to helping you think about your life like a business. He is especially... (more)

Gabi Faye (Actress) The first time I met Thomas he was running a free seminar at the actors pro expo.  He is both an engaging and knowledgeable speaker,  but more importantly he is... (more)

Ellen Karis (Comedian / Actor / Radio Host) Procuring Thomas Bellezza's website and technical services was one of the best business decisions I have made. My work life became easier... (more)
BBR Productions Inc.

BBR Productions Inc.

Thomas J. Bellezza
President / Executive Producer
E :

Marc Chouen
Vice President / Producer
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Thom Boody
Creative Executive / Head Writer
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Valeria A. Avina
Board Member / Consultant
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Eve Loren Munsky | website
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Sparkman Clark
Board Member / Consultant
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Roberto Capriotti
CAO / Associate Producer
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Al Qually
Board Member / Consultant
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Monica Freeman-Greene
Business Relationship Manager
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BBR Productions Inc

Thomas J BellezzaThomas J. Bellezza
Started BBR Productions Inc in 1997 he is the company's expert in financing, marketing, TAC: The Art of Conversation, and is the lead consultant on all projects.

Originally a musician from Long Island NY, he made a career playing with “TENEbRAE”. After ten years with a successful band he retired and moved into Acting and Stand-Up Comedy. Performing around America, and parts of Canada. Bringing reality to his dreams as inspiration for others. It is his goal to help people find their yes in life!

Marc ChouenMarc Chouen
Joining the team as a VP, his endless ability to be a great leader only adds to his resources to raise capital, manage budgets, and overseeing productions.

Before joining BBR Productions, Marc Chouen founded Chouen Productions in 2013. With multiple projects under his belt, he has helped raise capital for a short film called 'The Alone'. With a deep background in banking, Marc Chouen has maintained relationships with multiple connections to investors who are interested in the arts.

Roberto CapriottiRoberto Capriotti
A strong partner in multiple departments, Roberto is a critical member of our development department for projects, companies, and clients alike.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Roberto has worked on over 50 productions in film, TV and theatre. Some shows include: Inside Amy Schumer, The Jim Gaffigan Show, Odd Mom Out, Younger, The Detour, Broad City and Difficult People. Roberto has worked with Zagat, the SOHO International Film Festival.

Thom BoodyThom Boody
Having been a part of the development department since 2011, Thom Boody is one of our head Creative Consultants. He is responsible for managing writing teams.

Thom Oliver James Boody is a Writer and a Creative Executive with BBR Productions, where he has made a home for himself for over 5 years! Thom is most known for his work with the series “The Circle”, “We're Like a Punk Band” and for having the second nicest beard in BBR.

Valeria A. AvinaValeria A. Avina
One of the beating hearts and driving passion for us. Her knowledge of the inner workings of Theatre and film make her a top partner at BBR Productions Inc.

Originally from Durango Mexico, Valeria is an actress, writer, produce. in 2016 Valeria has done a few films Burgesinha, the HBO Asian pacific competition "MALOU" by Maravic Guevara. She wrote and performed in her first short film called "My Relationship with the Moon". She is the Co­-founder of a Latino Web Series called “Claro Wey”.

Sparkman ClarkSparkman Clark
As a board member and consulting partner, Sparkman's diverse background in front of and behind the camera makes her a massive asset to the company.

Sparkman graduated form the University of Richmond with a degree in Theatre Production and a dual minor in Business and Creative Writing. Worked for Emmy-Award winning actor Tony Lo Bianco at MNA Productions. Also worked for Addy Media as an editor and Videography for NYFW.

Al QuallyAl Qually
Our resident everyman, Al is involved in all departments as a vital part of growth. His added outside perspective contributes an alternate view to all projects.

Born in North Central NJ, Al was passionate toward art and drawing, but fell deeply in love with music and film. He pursued a degree in Audio Engineering in college where he supported Keith Richards and Eric Clapton amongst many other legendary and talented performers in recording sessions. Is a accomplished songwriter, producer, and performer.

Valeria A. AvinaMonica Freeman-Greene
With a background in Human Resource Management which, Monica directly works with clients guiding their relationships with as our business relationship manager.

Her specialty is connecting partnerships with strong collaborative environments. As someone who is now pursuing her dreams of getting her first script to the screen, she also knows about finding your passion. Monica's goal is to find opportunities for people who have a dream and connect them with the very capable staff at BBR to turn that dream into a reality.


BBR Productions Inc

Contact : Marc Chouen (

Job Description : Full time Business Relationship Manager position is available. Currently seeking candidates that are outgoing, personable & comfortable working in a competitive sales environment. We promote growth from within and encourage our sales team to work together to reach client goals and improve skills. Pay is based on individual performance and includes goal bonuses.

Our Business Relationship Manager work with customers to find what their direct needs are. Creating solutions to ensure a smooth sales process when selling our services. Sales representatives will work to find new sales leads, through business directories, client referrals, etc. Sales representatives will focus on building and cultivating relationships with new prospects by visiting clients in the field and keeping relationships happy between the company and our clients.

Business Relationship Managers will receive training to ensure they have all the skills and product knowledge that they require to be successful in this high energy technology sales industry.


  • Flexibility: You control your schedule as long as goals are being met.
  • Persistence: Not every customer is going to be a sale. Being able to bounce back if you lose a sale will be key for this job.
  • Sales experience helpful but not required.
  • Marketing experience is a bonus.
  • Examples of leadership in either work or school.
  • Be able to work within the entertainment and business industries.
  • Be comfortable handling and managing 15+ clients.

We are looking for someone we can cross-train from a new team member into a leadership and management role.


  • Present, promote and sell services to existing and prospective customers.
  • Perform cost-­benefit and needs analysis of existing/potential customers to meet their needs.
  • Establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships.
  • Reach out to customer leads through cold calling.
  • Expedite the resolution of customer problems and complaints to maximize satisfaction.
  • Achieve agreed upon sales targets and outcomes within schedule.
  • Coordinate sales effort with team members and other departments.
  • Analyze the territory/market’s potential, track sales and status reports.
  • Supply management with reports on customer needs, problems, interests, competitive activities, and potential for new products and services.
  • Keep abreast of best practices and promotional trends.
  • Continuously improve through feedback.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office and OpenOffice.
  • Familiarity with BRM and CRM practices along with ability to build productive business professional relationships.
  • Excellent selling, communication and negotiation skills.
  • Prioritizing, time management and organizational skills.
  • Ability to create and deliver presentations tailored to the audience needs.
BBR Productions Inc.

BBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR ProductionsBBR Productions

BBR Productions inc
BBR Productions Inc
BBR Productions inc
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