Every month BBR Productions Inc., opens our doors to individuals searching for a nice stage / venue to place one of their own productions in. Allow our theater space to become your new home. From time to time BBR Productions Inc., will
be showcasing our own productions. If you are interested in auditioning, or reaching out for future opportunities please contact Nicole.

Department Head : Brendan Noble


BBR Productions Inc., has a goal to teach individuals how to grow their crafts, and knowledge. Join one of our many classes taught by an array of experts from Acting to Business!

Department Head : Brendan Noble

Advertisement, Public Relations, and Branding

BBR Productions Inc., takes branding to another level. While creating an awareness through Advertisement & Exposure, our company creates opportunity with mass Networking (PR), and Marketing Campaigns. BBR Productions Inc., brings another lever of awareness to your personal brand by utilizing our relationships with media outlets, individuals within a diverse community of business, and our 15 plus years experience,

Department Head : Thomas J. Bellezza

Graphic & Web design, Audio / Video, Photography

Designing logos, posters, and imagery is a great part of branding your idea. Marketing starts with design. BBR Productions Inc., experts sit down with our clients and work out a brand together. With all forms of media completed in-house, work is finalized in a timely manor. When filming a commercial, or designing images for a website, let BBR Productions Inc., handle all your multimedia needs through one company.

Department Head : Thomas J. Bellezza

Financial, Image, TAC (The Art of Conversation), Networking

Each area of life has doors waiting to be opened. From
financial advisement to learning about the Triangle of possibilities. Growth, guidance, and education. These are our main fundamentals. We seek to help clients grow in their field through guidance, while educating them on where success comes from. How to achieve their dreams through S.M.A.R.T. Goals, Financial Portfolios, and Proactive Thinking.

Department Head : Thomas J. Bellezza

Scripts, Projects, Design

Creating an idea with a small thought is the easy part. Some clients have great ideas they want to expand on. That's where we come in. We'll help you develop a project from the
beginning stages all the way to completion. If our client has already developed a project and have now found themselves
at a crossroads, let BBR Productions Inc., sit with you and brainstorm possibilities.

Department Head : Thomas J. Bellezza

BBR Radio Station
Watch/Listen to our shows, Run your own show!

A radio station for those looking for an opportunity to do it
their way! Speak your mind, create your voice!

Department Head : Radio Manager


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Are you an Aspiring Comedian? The Rose Theater is opening their stage to college students! 631.599.2263

What is TAC?

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Jury Talk


I met Mr. Thomas J Bellezza when I was about three years into the comedy business. I was doing open mics and bringer shows for three years and getting nowhere fast. All I was doing was making money for other people and getting little or nothing, mostly nothing, in return for my time and effort. Thomas has since took me under his wing and laid out the entertainment business for me and showed me how it works. He explained how it’s a people business, talent is only a small part of the business. Most importantly that YOU the entertainer are a business 24/7 and there’s no such thing as over night success. Thomas’ methods aren’t a get rich quick scheme in the entertainment business. He emphasized things such as proper etiquette when speaking with people, returning emails, and how to market yourself and get the right people to see me. Since meeting Thomas I’ve been getting contacted by promoters to do shows, not the other way around."

- Stoney (Comedian)

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